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Lessons Sandwiched Boomers Can Learn from Senator Ted Kennedy

Senator Ted Kennedy was the last of the Kennedy brothers whose power, challenges and triumphs dominated a generation of politics. He was eulogized as an inspiration to his family and to those in public service. His body of work toward progressive causes in the U.S. Senate was proof that he understood how policies affected people. And he cared passionately about the people he served and worked tirelessly on their behalf. Yet his life was marred by tragedy and scandal – from the assassination of brothers John and Robert and the … Continue reading

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Susan Boyle Found her Voice, Literally – how can you?

Susan Boyle, the T.V. sensation from Britain has Talent, was shy, portly, middle-aged, nonthreatening – the classic underdog. It happens to lots of people all the time. Who hasn’t been influenced by early memories of feeling misrepresented or misunderstood? Perhaps you can personally relate to that. Boyle performed well in the final competition – but didn’t win. And afterwards she was hospitalized with emotional exhaustion. But she came out the other end with her sense of humor intact and even more confident. Take a lesson from Susan Boyle. Focus on … Continue reading

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What Elizabeth Edwards can Teach Sandwiched Boomers about Resilience

As Sandwiched Boomers, I’m sure you already know a thing or two about resilience. But we want to add to your repetoire by posting some thoughts about what we can learn from Elizabeth Edwards. Since her book, Resilience, was published, the media spotlight has been on Elizabeth Edwards’ promotional tour. It’s her husband’s affair and how she’s handling the aftermath that gets the most press coverage. And the pundits have been after her – some expressing compassion, others compassion fatigue. But it’s the other life challenges she has faced that … Continue reading

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Octomom Nadya Suleman Takes Two Babies Home

Again, media frenzy takes over as Nadya Suleman takes home two of her babies, Noah and Isaiah. Seeing the little ones with her vividly reminds us again of the importance of parenting. We set the standards by which our own children mature and take their place in society. We can share our values and ideals with them informally over family dinners or privately in one-on-one conversations. These are the kinds of lessons we want to teach our children: Don’t just take the easy way out, even when it is difficult … Continue reading

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