Lessons Sandwiched Boomers Can Learn from Senator Ted Kennedy

Senator Ted Kennedy was the last of the Kennedy brothers whose power, challenges and triumphs dominated a generation of politics. He was eulogized as an inspiration to his family and to those in public service. His body of work toward progressive causes in the U.S. Senate was proof that he understood how policies affected people. And he cared passionately about the people he served and worked tirelessly on their behalf.

Yet his life was marred by tragedy and scandal – from the assassination of brothers John and Robert and the earlier death of his brother Joseph in World War II, to the deadly Chappaquiddick crash. Despite his personal losses and failings, Teddy Kennedy persevered. He served alongside 10 United States presidents and was well known for his political insight. One of his greatest family contributions was as the patriarch to his brothers’ children and grandchildren.

It was an emotional weekend for mourners as this legendary politician was put to rest. In his eulogy, Ted Kennedy Jr. shared what his father told him when he lost his leg to cancer as a young boy: “There’s nothing you can’t do.” And, sandwiched boomers, the same applies to you. Log on all week for practical tips that may help you with the challenges you are facing. Clicking on the title of this post will take you to HerMentorCenter.com and an article about another icon, Tim Russert.

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