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LEAP into Spring Holidays

This week Jews and Christians observe spring festivals celebrating freedom – Passover – and rebirth – Easter. Would you like to carry over these concepts from the holiday table into your personal lives? If you are willing to take a LEAP, you can express your own freedom as you work to create new beginnings for yourself. One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time. Andre Gide To begin your LEAP, you’ll need to Let go of what is holding … Continue reading

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Passover or Easter and First-time Grandparents – Part Two

 As we’re in the midst of Passover and Easter is about to begin, this week family is at the forefront. As a first-time grandparent you must be easing into your new role.  So see if these practical ideas help: Respect your children. A lot has changed since your parenting days. There are new theories and techniques. Don’t assume that, just because you did it in a certain way, it’s the best. When you hold back, you’ll notice how capable your kids are and how lovingly they care for your grandchildren. Notice how … Continue reading

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First-time Grandparents and Passover or Easter – Part One

Are you rushing around, preparing for the holidays and counting the minutes until you can hold the new baby? As a sandwiched boomer, you’re already squeezed between kids growing up and parents growing older. But now that you’re a grandparent, you get to take a bigger bite. Some say you don’t experience perfect love until the birth of your grandchildren. Others describe this as an opportunity to slow down and savor one of life’s most precious gifts. But you may have mixed emotions, feeling both excitement and apprehension. Perhaps you’re not … Continue reading

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Making Changes on Days of Celebration

With Tax Day over, this week is a time for family celebrations – Passover for some, Easter for others, and Earth Day for everyone. Earth Day is celebrated this Friday, April 22, as a means of teaching about and appreciating the Earth’s environment. In the wake of these tornadoes, seismic activities, tsunamis and radiation leaks this spring, we all are struck by the realization that changes in the Earth can come in many ways. They can be gradual or sudden and violent. They can come from the forces of nature … Continue reading

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