LEAP into Spring Holidays

Leaping woman at sunsetThis week Jews and Christians observe spring festivals celebrating freedom – Passover – and rebirth – Easter. Would you like to carry over these concepts from the holiday table into your personal lives? If you are willing to take a LEAP, you can express your own freedom as you work to create new beginnings for yourself.

One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time. Andre Gide

To begin your LEAP, you’ll need to Let go of what is holding you back and enslaving you. Those shackles could be unrealistic expectations, old scripts of self-doubt, or ruminations over your losses and mistakes. Acknowledging these chains to the past can be the first step in releasing yourself from them. Then you can set the stage to ceremonially dispose of them. Write down each harsh restraint on a separate piece of paper and then tear that bond into pieces or burn it up while affirming your choice to let it go.

Next, Evaluate and take stock of the resources available to you – community, friends, financial as well as your own personal strengths and talents. Think about how you can take advantage of these resources and use them for support as you create new directions for growth. Consider how your values and emotions are directing the choices you make. You’ll also want to reflect on the challenges you’re facing both from within and without.

Now it’s time for Action. As you plan what to do, remember what worked well for you in the past and include those in your list of options. Once you’ve put that infrastructure in place, gather information about new alternatives. Then implement your choice of achievable objectives to reach your dreams. Your motivation and positive attitude will guide you as you as you remain flexible in overcoming obstacles in your way.

Finally, enjoy the Power and control you feel from accomplishing your goals and fulfilling your passions. Give yourself the credit you deserve for your competency and it will sustain you and create its own momentum as you continue your progress. Reflect on the resiliency and strength you’ve gained and the freedom you’ve achieved in re-creating your self. You can take a LEAP forward this spring and enjoy the summer with a whole new perspective.

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