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Leaving the snowy hamlets of New Hampshire behind, the presidential candidates are headed for Michigan and the warmer venues of South Carolina and Florida – all of this before they launch into meeting the voters in the multiple primaries on “super Tuesday,” February 5. Based on their results so far, candidates are now re-evaluating strategies, changing staffers or even dropping out of the race completely. Daily, the pollsters and pundits are telling us who is ahead and the spin doctors, why. Is Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama the real agent … Continue reading

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As the spin doctors continue to review what went right with Hillary Clinton’s campaign in New Hampshire, the significant moment seems to be when, exhausted, she choked up, expressing her emotions of frustration, sadness, resignation. The voters saw a person who was not removed and isolated from them, but one who suffered, just as they did, from the complexity of life. Her humanness came through. Are you afraid to show your own emotions to those around you? As a Sandwiched Boomer you may often be at your wits end, coming … Continue reading

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Yesterday was a day for political comebacks – both Hillary Clinton and John McCain overcame their losses in Iowa and won in New Hampshire, surprising pundits, volunteers and maybe even themselves. As they each addressed their cheering crowds last night, we thought about the support that had sustained them in their struggles. What can we Sandwiched Boomers learn from them to apply to our own stressful challenges? Chelsea Clinton has been on the campaign trail stumping for her mother all over the state; John McCain specifically thanked each of his … Continue reading

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John McCain is the Republican frontrunner in New Hampshire. Only last month, when his campaign manager quit and his funds were low, it looked as if his race was over. But just like his tenacity served him while imprisoned during the Vietnam war, it has defined him in this political marathon. Reflect on his example. As a Sandwiched Boomer, access and rely on your own strength. Dig deep and find your inner voice – listen to what it has to say about caring for your family relationships and nurturing yourself … Continue reading

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