As the spin doctors continue to review what went right with Hillary Clinton’s campaign in New Hampshire, the significant moment seems to be when, exhausted, she choked up, expressing her emotions of frustration, sadness, resignation. The voters saw a person who was not removed and isolated from them, but one who suffered, just as they did, from the complexity of life. Her humanness came through.

Are you afraid to show your own emotions to those around you? As a Sandwiched Boomer you may often be at your wits end, coming to the aid of your ailing parents or growing children. Do you try to protect your family from knowing how hard it is for you? Instead of burying your feelings with a stoic attitude, trust your family and reveal the depth of your feelings to them. You will find that they understand your reactions better when they know more about where you are coming from. And you might even find yourself getting more help and support from those around you as you cope with the stress and challenges you face as a member of the Sandwich Generation. So go ahead and have a good cry, you deserve it. And then let a loved one dry your tears and give you a warm, embracing hug.

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