Leaving the snowy hamlets of New Hampshire behind, the presidential candidates are headed for Michigan and the warmer venues of South Carolina and Florida – all of this before they launch into meeting the voters in the multiple primaries on “super Tuesday,” February 5. Based on their results so far, candidates are now re-evaluating strategies, changing staffers or even dropping out of the race completely. Daily, the pollsters and pundits are telling us who is ahead and the spin doctors, why. Is Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama the real agent of change for Democrats? Is John McCain or Mike Huckabee the Republican front runner? How will Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani stage a comeback? It’s enough to make your own head spin.

Are you wondering what you, a Sandwiched Boomer, can learn from the candidates as they continue their grueling run for President? The challenges you encounter every day as you take care of your growing children and aging parents may be played out on a smaller stage but they are no less stressful for you. January is a good time for you also to stop and evaluate your own progress toward your goals.

As you have no doubt told your children, you can learn from mistakes as well as from successes. If one choice for the care of your aging parents hasn’t worked, re-evaluate that decision and institute your plan B. Deep down, you may know that it is time to make a change, but it is hard to do. That’s when you need to gather support from the rest of your family and friends. Stay positive and recognize that you don’t have to do it all at once – pace yourself in the process. Draw upon your tenacity and strength as you continue your own march forward, one step at a time.

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