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Encourage Millennials to Vote

According to a recent national poll, nearly one in four of Millennial participants would prefer to have a giant meteor strike Earth than to see either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the Oval Office. Earlier in this election cycle, the Millennial generation supported Bernie Sanders. They thought he was speaking to them, not at them, and they felt the Bern. When there was disagreement, he listened in an effort to solve the problems at hand. Young people respected Sanders and what he stood for. They’re still mourning the loss of … Continue reading

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As Sandwiched Boomers planning your family’s summer vacation, does Clinton’s proposal of gas tax relief go to the heart of the matter or seem like an emotional ploy to garner more votes? And has what you’ve heard from Obama this past week made up for some of his former pastor’s remarks? Today may very well signify game change or game over. Instead of taking the race all the way to the convention, let’s hope the Democratic party begins to unite behind one candidate for President. It’s time to focus on … Continue reading

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In an effort to keep her campaign alive, during the Cleveland democratic debate last night Hillary Clinton referred to herself as a fighter – saying that’s the kind of president the country needs in these difficult and complicated times. The debate was contentious and she was feisty, both with Obama and the moderator, Tim Russet. But was that only because she’s struggling to stay in the race or was it also because women, by nature, tend to be more emotional and expressive? Clinton and Obama went back and forth about … Continue reading

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