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Sandwiched Boomers and Teamwork

There’s an article this week in the business section of Time magazine that describes a “burgeoning field of employee emgagement, a movement that aims to quantify what, exactly, a company gets when it puts more money into bonding with the workers.” The final results aren’t in yet. But apparently, once you’re committed, you work harder and make the company more revenue. Businesses want their employees to be happy – that adds up to more productivity and bigger dividends. There are lots of ways to connect with your employees: tell them … Continue reading

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Are you a Sandwiched Boomer Mom whose husband or son is a stay at home Dad? There has been considerable growth in this phenomenon over the past few years. It seems that this generation of parents welcomes more flexibility in gender roles. Statistics show that over 17% of preschool children with employed Moms are cared for by their Dads. More than 1/4 of working women earn an income greater than their husbands. Often families today feel that one parent should stay home with the children – and men are responding … Continue reading

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Grow up America, it’s time we stopped polarizing gender roles. Why do we care so much about whether Hillary Clinton’s defining moment was a manipulation, too emotional, real or courageous? Let’s give her, as well as all the men who are running against her, credit for walking into a room with a smile on their faces after rejection or breaking the no-tears rule. How about removing the double standard where expressing emotion is seen as vulnerability in men but a weakness in women. We all recognize that Hillary has a … Continue reading

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