Sandwiched Boomers and Teamwork

There’s an article this week in the business section of Time magazine that describes a “burgeoning field of employee emgagement, a movement that aims to quantify what, exactly, a company gets when it puts more money into bonding with the workers.”

The final results aren’t in yet. But apparently, once you’re committed, you work harder and make the company more revenue. Businesses want their employees to be happy – that adds up to more productivity and bigger dividends. There are lots of ways to connect with your employees: tell them how they generate value and help the company, offer them free retraining, tuition reimbursement, skill enhancement, upward mobility.

But, as Sandwiched Boomers, don’t you know all about teamwork? Whether your primary role is mother, daughter, mother-in-law or grandmother, aren’t you already spending a good part of each and every day engaging with your family? You’re aware of what happens when you go the extra mile. For those you love, your dedication creates a sense of security, positive self esteem, a desire to succeed. In other words, it pays off – big time!

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