Are you a Sandwiched Boomer Mom whose husband or son is a stay at home Dad? There has been considerable growth in this phenomenon over the past few years. It seems that this generation of parents welcomes more flexibility in gender roles. Statistics show that over 17% of preschool children with employed Moms are cared for by their Dads.

More than 1/4 of working women earn an income greater than their husbands. Often families today feel that one parent should stay home with the children – and men are responding by taking a detour off the career path. But no more “Mr. Mom.” Dads are fending off stereoptypes and shedding the stigma of taking care of their children. Men are defining their own ways of masculinity – advocating for an overhall of family leave policies at work, taking over the household and joining support groups.

Whether the roles in your family are shifting for your husband or son, let us know what you think and how the circumstances are effecting you.

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