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The Dress and Social Media

You know what dress we’re talking about – the one that in reality is blue and black but looks white and gold under certain lighting. The question of its color went viral after a photo of it appeared on Tumblr last week. After only two days, Facebook was alive with the controversy and over 11 million tweets had been made arguing about the true shades of the two-tone dress. But the important question isn’t actually what color the dress is. If it were, the scientific explanation for the discrepancy in … Continue reading

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Friendships Over the Years

The end of summer, with its back-to-school activities, has me thinking about my own years in school and what these memories mean to me now. Last spring we had our 50th high school reunion and ever since, group emails have been flying back and forth every day. Reconnecting has been like uncovering an old scrapbook – even with whiffs of mildew, it’s a real treasure trove of memories. With all the chaotic financial news, it’s nice to be able to reminisce about simpler, more innocent times. Have you noticed how … Continue reading

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Sleep-away Camp: Ambivalence for the Kids and You

My first memories are of Girl Guide camp in Canada, where we slept in tents and cooked our meals over an open fire. After many experiences at camp, I met my husband when we were both counselors in the mountains of North Carolina. And camp has been a family tradition ever since. What about you? Just as you’re settling into the lazy days of summer, are you shifting gears to get the kids ready for sleep-away camp? If this is a first, there may be ambivalent feelings all around. In … Continue reading

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The Masks that Hide You fromYour Partner

As members of the Sandwich Generation facing the challenges of aging parents and growing children, there’s often not enough time or energy left to attend to your love relationship. During such stressful periods, problems in your marriage can seem insurmountable. And perhaps it feels like a masquerade. As hard as it may be, take off your masks and try to understand what each other is feeling. Make a commitment to talk honestly about what’s going on and what you can do to change the situation. Recreate balance so you can … Continue reading

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