The Masks that Hide You fromYour Partner

As members of the Sandwich Generation facing the challenges of aging parents and growing children, there’s often not enough time or energy left to attend to your love relationship. During such stressful periods, problems in your marriage can seem insurmountable. And perhaps it feels like a masquerade. As hard as it may be, take off your masks and try to understand what each other is feeling. Make a commitment to talk honestly about what’s going on and what you can do to change the situation. Recreate balance so you can nurture this most important relationship – you won’t regret it.

Accept the changes both of you are making. By redefining your relationship, you will begin to feel more connected. And as your relationship grows, you will both be able to go from being afraid of your future to feeling excited about what’s ahead.

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Seek out the support you need, often. It can be difficult to do it alone. Spend time with friends who understand what you’re going through or who have had similar circumstances. See a couples therapist or talk with family members whose opinions you respect and trust.

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