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Rifts With Grown Kids

  When our adult children leave home, we expect them to be independent and manage on their own. But a falling out or family crisis can destroy this new  equilibrium. Estrangement has been called a silent epidemic and parents, humiliated and hurt, are too embarrassed to talk about it. Divorce can be a major factor in these painful situations. It’s common for children to believe that one parent is responsible and to align with the other whom they perceive as wronged. Since there’s already animosity between their parents, they may … Continue reading

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Sandwiched Boomers, Family Problems and Resilience

As Sandwiched Boomers, your issues may not be as dramatic as those of Elizabeth Edwards. But you’re likely dealing with aging parents and growing children, perhaps marital problems or your own health concerns. Working through the impact of such changes is important to the well being of your family in flux and to yourself. Any crisis in the family is usually accompanied by heightened and mixed emotions. And finding ways to calm down and reconnect are important aspects of resilience. What sort of effects do you experience in a family … Continue reading

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There’s a fair amount of attention being paid to Sandwich Generation month on the Internet. And that got us thinking about how overwhelming it can be especially in times of family crisis – a parent diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, an adult child out of work and moving back home – to wade through tons of material just to be informed. Stress resulting from information overload is the order of the day. So let us tell you about a service that has been extremely useful to us – it called Google Alerts. … Continue reading

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