Community – Global and Local

chi-nepal-earthquake-wre0028363611-20150425The earthquake in Nepal has brought to the surface deep connections within the global community. The reactions of countries far away and across the world – for example, the United States, the European Union, Israel – have been swift, caring and operationally well-planned. Hopefully their efforts will prove to be effective in helping the people of Nepal and the surrounding affected areas. Over 5,000 have already been confirmed dead and thousands more have been injured or lost their home and possessions because of the violent earthquake and aftershocks in the region.

We hope the outpouring of communal support for the people of Nepal serves as a comfort for them after this catastrophic natural disaster. Millennials, with their global orientation and energetic engagement, are often the ones to volunteer in these settings. But rescue workers, as well as the victims themselves are likely to begin to feel anxious and stressed by the overwhelming devastation caused by the shocks. If these negative feelings are spilling over into your own life, click here to find some guidelines to help you deal with your personal emotional reactions to such an event.

The spirit in Baltimore, where the community appears fractured, provides a counterpoint to that in Nepal. The rioting and looting by some out of control – mostly Millennial – protesters attacking police is just one sign of the deep divide there. When shouting and fighting take the place of discourse, no one has a voice that can be heard. While anger over the death of a citizen in custody is understandable, a united neighborhood response can achieve positive results rather than turmoil.

Our hearts go out to those suffering the effects of destruction – whether caused by nature or other people. And let’s join to create an optimistic perspective for building a strong community together.

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