How to Fight Inertia

As Sandwiched Boomers, chances are you’re bombarded daily by challenges with aging parents and growing children. You may also be trying to balance home and work responsibilities. And that’s without your commitment to stay healthy, lose weight and exercise regularly. Just thinking about your hectic lifestyle can stop you in your tracks. If this is your life and you’re feeling the time crunch, follow these guidelines.

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Make a start, any start. Buy a journal or borrow one of the notebooks your child isn’t using and do your homework. Write out some specific long term goals and break these down into smaller, more manageable short term objectives. Begin with the one that seems easiest to implement and take the first step. Don’t forget to consider the character strengths and personal resources you have that will help you achieve your goals.

Create weekly or even daily to-do lists.
For example, if a regular exercise program is your ultimate goal, begin by penciling in a 20 minute walk twice a week after carpool or during your lunch hour. Organization and planning may sound like dirty words. But the more you concretize what you plan to do, the greater the chances are that you’ll follow through with your intentions.

Give yourself a break and see what happens. Let go of any negative thoughts about yourself in relation to getting stuff done. Actively dispute the idea that you are lazy, apathetic or can’t get a handle on the process. Choose a simple mantra that rings true for you – such as ‘yes I can’ – and repeat it often.

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