Reaching Out as a Community

The nation seems to be coming together to demand an end to special interests that take advantage of the American people. Politicians who went along with the loopholes allowing for the AIG bonuses are rightly being questioned. And now news has surfaced that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are also planning large bonuses for their executives – even though the federal programs were run into the ground through problematic management decisions. Taxpayer revolts – modern day tea parties – remind us that the “little guys” are finally insisting on being heard.

Sandwiched Boomers and the rest of us practicing fiscal responsibility in our personal budgets can be the role models for government and corporate spending run amok. We can show our children how to come together for the common good and still protect our daily lives and future.

Think back to the weeks after Hurricane Katrina when the country was united in reaching out to help our neighbors in the Gulf region. The link to the title above takes you to an article on our website about American efforts then. What about recreating those days of national unity today as a guide for our children?

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