Now that summer is actually over, school has started and the political season is in full swing, we thought it would be refreshing to pause and look back over the Olympic Games to see what insights it can bring into your life as a Sandwiched Boomer.

This August, billions of fans watched athletes from around the world compete in the Beijing Olympics. Even with political controversy and global tensions running rampant, these diverse games reflected the delicate balance between reality and entertainment. For many Sandwiched Boomers, the Olympics satisfied the yearning for distraction from immediate concerns about economic instability and caring for a family-in-flux.

The Games provided color, drama and a broad demonstration of excellence. In addition to news about the winners and venues, information from Beijing went well beyond who was winning and losing gold medals. This week we will discuss lessons the Olympics can teach Baby Boomers and give you some tips about how to incorporate the deeper meaning of the Olympics into your life. So stay tuned.

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