A dramatic chase scene in order to elude the press corps, followed by a secret meeting under the cover of darkness – that sure sounds mysterious. Yet makes sense in this complicated political campaign, full of inuendo and little closure.

But doesn’t it actually parallel conflict resolution in real life? You have an argument with your partner over some issue that is important to both of you and then – after calming down and thinking it over – a productive discussion follows. But that’s not the end of it, even though you both know what the final result should look like. You have to figure out who gives up what, who’s really in charge and what do you get in return for compromising.

It’s not that easy for Hillary Clinton right now. She is going through a normal letting go process while, at the same time, trying to hold on to her voters and concede the race. Even though she has a 30 million dollar debt, she has played an incredible role in womens’ history. Whether or not she wants the vice presidency, she now has no choice but to make a gracious exit and help unite the party.

The dynamics have been turned upside down, with Barack Obama the victor and Clinton the vanquished. These kind of shifts can be tricky, as he gears up to be the democratic nominee. Hopefully their meeting was the first step in mending wounds and moving forward – that includes reaching out and bringing Clinton’s supporters into the coalition.

Obama has stated clearly that his plan to choose a vice presidential candidate will consist of an involved process with detailed feedback from close advisors. In the end politics, like relationships, are very much about the people. And that decision is entirely up to him.

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