Have you ever noticed how good it feels to reconnect with old friends – like putting on a comfortable old sweater that goes with everything and brightens your day whenever you wear it. Last week, I had the chance to spend time with one friend from grade school and then later in the week with another one from junior high school. Aside from the fact that we all look more like our mothers and less like we did as children, there is something reassuring about being with friends who knew us in our youths. Their memories validate ours in so many ways – that we were vibrant and fun-loving, that we had plans and dreams, that we had a whole, full life before we pursued a career and became partners, wives, mothers, grandmothers. There is also the assumption of trust – that an old friend, even when you haven’t seen her in years, still values you and will not do anything to damage your friendship. And when you do reconnect, it just feels normal to pick up where you left off, with warmth and understanding. Undoubtedly both of you are wiser today and recognize that each of your little flaws are less important than the ties between you. So, as summer draws to a close, give some thought to the relationships of your past and see if there are any you want to nourish today.

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