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Coping with a Loss

The post on coping with a loss that appeared here earlier this week was written before the terrible bombing at the Boston Marathon. Sadly that event, causing deaths and huge numbers of very serious injuries, shattered our hopes and expectations for a peaceful springtime. It was an attack on our homeland in a very personal way, as we witnessed the devastating results, shocked victims and physical destruction. But what we also saw was heroic behavior by bystanders, first responders and hospital trauma teams. We learned of the cooperative, inclusive actions … Continue reading

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Senator Ted Kennedy and Reaching Your Goals

To finish up our week about having the courage to create the life you want, we use Senator Ted Kennedy as an example. No matter what challenges he faced, he never took his eye off the goal. Kennedy’s life was marred by tragedy and scandal – from the assassination of brothers John and Robert and the earlier death of his brother Joseph in World War II, to the deadly Chappaquiddick crash. Despite his personal losses and failings, Kennedy persevered. He served alongside 10 United States presidents and was well known … Continue reading

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Haitian Earthquake and the Loss of a Loved One

Days after a 7.0 earthquake devastated Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti, family members battled for a proper burial of their loved ones. Time and again, tragedy followed moments of hope. Yet, despite the death and destruction, the people struggled to survive. And hundreds took to the streets, singing and chanting amid huge mounds of rubble – a clear sign of the resilience of the human spirit. While not in such desperate circumstances, perhaps you too have suffered the death of a loved one. Although you may want the pain … Continue reading

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