Coping with a Loss

Fotolia circle_of_concern_-_handsThe post on coping with a loss that appeared here earlier this week was written before the terrible bombing at the Boston Marathon. Sadly that event, causing deaths and huge numbers of very serious injuries, shattered our hopes and expectations for a peaceful springtime. It was an attack on our homeland in a very personal way, as we witnessed the devastating results, shocked victims and physical destruction.

But what we also saw was heroic behavior by bystanders, first responders and hospital trauma teams. We learned of the cooperative, inclusive actions of the community, joining together to aid and support those in need. The support has reached beyond the city itself as rival sports teams from New York and Chicago have acted in solidarity with Boston. Just as we’ve come together to be as one with our neighbors after other tragedies, again we find our strength by reaching out to others and holding their hands in ours.

We’ve all been touched by this latest threat to our security. If you are feeling in need of support yourself, reach out to your network of friends and professionals to help you cope. And here on our website Resources, you’ll find some suggestions about techniques to reduce your level of stress and those which help build resilience after a setback. We hope they’re useful for you. And please use the Leave a Reply button below to let us know how you’re doing in your search for effective ways to manage this latest trauma.

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