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Coping with a Loss

The post on coping with a loss that appeared here earlier this week was written before the terrible bombing at the Boston Marathon. Sadly that event, causing deaths and huge numbers of very serious injuries, shattered our hopes and expectations for a peaceful springtime. It was an attack on our homeland in a very personal way, as we witnessed the devastating results, shocked victims and physical destruction. But what we also saw was heroic behavior by bystanders, first responders and hospital trauma teams. We learned of the cooperative, inclusive actions … Continue reading

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Reaching Out

In America, we’ve received another blow to the gut as we are reminded of how lives can change in an instant. The horrific shootings in Aurora, Colorado cast a pale over what was meant to be an entertaining evening respite. Over the weekend, information flowed in from the media, putting individual faces on the victims and outlining many¬†heroic¬†actions of people attempting to shield others from harm and helping those who were already injured. Ironically, one young woman who was killed, Jessica Ghawi, had earlier survived another shooting at a mall … Continue reading

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