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Financial considerations often form the basis of adult children and parents moving back in together. Even with the potential costs of remodeling to accommodate the two families, maintaining one household rather than two generally creates considerable savings for everyone. As Rhea summed it up in her comment yesterday, there are positive outcomes from sharing housing with family – saving money, for one. “Necessity will force a lot of living situations that we might not initially choose but will save us from financial ruin. It pays to learn how to live … Continue reading

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With the holiday season now in full swing, the concept of gratitude comes front and center. Dina Lynch Eisenberg of www.thismarriagething.com started us off by encouraging us to say “thank you” three times a day to our significant other. It’s funny how being attentive to something nice that a spouse does actually opens you up to noticing other’s around you too. And expressing your appreciation to a partner sets the tone for expressing gratitude to the world around you. With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, begin to note what … Continue reading

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Yesterday we discussed why it may be difficult to express your gratitude. Today let’s talk about how to get started in your new direction. You will need to become aware yourself of what you are thankful for before you can begin to acknowledge the part others play. Begin to consciously notice what brings you joy in life. Awareness is the first step toward creating change. Set aside time for yourself to participate in the process of experiencing and acknowledging your gratitude. Count your blessings. Each evening, note three things that … Continue reading

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The comment by one of our readers about The Gratitude Project, got me thinking. Laneris said, “To my mind appreciation and saying thank you is of high priority in a relationship. You should try show it to people not for the next 10 days but for all your life.” It started me wondering, Why is is so difficult to say thank you? Why do we need to be reminded to be appreciative for a mere 10 days of the year? As Laneris noted, of course it would be relevant to … Continue reading

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