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Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Life in the digital age is hectic. Sometimes it takes the spirit of a holiday to slow us down enough to fully appreciate what we have. Once the turkey is in the oven, try to carve out some quiet time and think about what you’re grateful for – like, moving through a crisis to a new perspective or sharing private time with a loved one. Then bring a hearty dish of gratitude to the Thanksgiving table. Rosemary and I are eager to tell you about our new adventure at Real … Continue reading

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Gratitude: A Healthy Thanksgiving Recipe

These are hard times. And life is hectic for all of us – especially around Thanksgiving, when we remember how our families celebrated in years past. Holiday images in the media can be seductive and exaggerated. Before you know it, you’re rushing around and trying to conform to unrealistic expectations. Photo courtesy of Jeff Ratcliff, FreeDigital Photos.net Perhaps you’re worried that old family dynamics will surface as soon as you all get together. Will the cousins wonder why your 35 year old son is moving back home? Or what if … Continue reading

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Tips for Grandmothers During the Holidays

This time of year, the role of grandmother can be most rewarding, especially if you and you grandchild spend some of the winter holidays together. Ours just visited for Thanksgiving and we all enjoyed being together to celebrate. While buying and giving presents is important, the most significant gift you can give your grandchild is your presence, attention and love. And you know the best gift you can receive back is a great big hug. For some budget-friendly and fun activities to do with your grandkids this holiday season, here’s … Continue reading

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Tips for Keeping Peace in the Family at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here– complete with exaggerated media images of how the day should be – and you may be trying to conform to unrealistic ideals. As a member of the sandwichgeneration with extra demands on your time and added responsibilities, are you on emotional overload? If so, just remind yourself that nothing’s perfect. Following these common sense strategies will help you create a calmer holiday for you and your family: 1. Realize that anticipatory anxiety is common. Financial burdens and extra chores when entertaining family can make you feel apprehensive … Continue reading

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