Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Life in the digital age is hectic. Sometimes it takes the spirit of a holiday to slow us down enough to fully appreciate what we have. Once the turkey is in the oven, try to carve out some quiet time and think about what you’re grateful for – like, moving through a crisis to a new perspective or sharing private time with a loved one. Then bring a hearty dish of gratitude to the Thanksgiving table.

Rosemary and I are eager to tell you about our new adventure at Real Health, where we’re blogging about our health journey over the next year. We’ll cover relationships, exercise, attitude, well-being and other issues that impact us as we age. See what it’s all about and then share your ideas.

Through this holiday season, how about joining our gratitude partnership? Watch this video and hear what we have to say. Then grow the list in the comments section by adding what you most appreciate. Thanks for participating, and we hope that your Thanksgiving is full of love and laughter!

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