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Clearing Out Clutter

It may be a function of getting older, but I’m more ready than ever for less excess and more simplicity. Of course, part of the reason is that we recently moved into a smaller condo. But now that I’m 70, it’s time to take stock. Perhaps you too want your mantra to be less is more. But why does that persistent inner voice still encourage us to hold on? Sentimental feelings – You may still feel attached to the handmade cards and pasta necklaces your children or even grandchildren have … Continue reading

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As the week draws to a close, Sandwiched Boomers continue to worry about the nation’s economic health and are anxious about their financial future. We hope that the following ideas will be helpful: Recognize how you deal with stress related to money. Some people are more likely to relieve stress by turning to unhealthy activities like smoking, drinking, gambling or emotional eating. The strain can also lead to more conflict and arguments in relationships. If any of these behaviors are causing problems in your family, seek help from a professional … Continue reading

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