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Spending Time in Nature makes you Nicer

Research findings indicate that those who feel a strong connection to nature have a more caring attitude toward others.Participants in the study were asked to rate the importance of life goals. Those exposed to scenes in nature placed a higher value on connectedness and community as well as a lower value on ideals that were more self-oriented. So why would immersion in nature instill feelings of selflessness? According to the researchers, it allows you to follow your interests and gives you an enhanced sense of personal autonomy. Feeling more relaxed, … Continue reading

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If you have male Sandwiched Boomers in your life who are caring for aging parents, there’s a lot you can do to raise awareness: Advocate for more appropriate and useful accommodations in the workplace: the availability of geriatric care managers, resources for work/home balance and extended paid leave. Work on expanding the Lifespan Respite Care Act, passed by Congress in 2006. Although $300 million in grants was earmarked to help provide relief to those giving long-term care to family members, the cost of these needs is closer to $300 billion. … Continue reading

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We hope that you’re trying to attend to your own needs while still honoring this week of family togetherness. Let your plans for the new year include nurturing yourself. As you begin to lay the groundwork for change, treat yourself to better health by keeping your stress in check. 1. Ask for what you need. Pronounce the holiday meals potluck and don’t feel guilty about it. If they want to, let your family help with the dishes and clean up. Accept your friend’s offer to bring an appetizer, or even … Continue reading

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With the festive season suddenly upon us, we’ve decided to dedicate the next few blog posts to ideas about how to reduce holiday stress. If the widespread commercialism is getting you down, here are some ways for Sandwiched Boomers to spend less time racking up credit card debt and more time taking care of yourself: 1. Realize that the anticipatory anxiety you may be experiencing about the holidays is quite normal. Questions about what to do and how to do it – with the apprehension that comes along for the … Continue reading

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