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Helping Kids Feel Secure

 The summer got away from us – one morning our grandsons were pitching sand balls into the lake, the next afternoon they were preparing their backpacks for school. Whereas Monday’s blog post focused on kids’ stress that comes from media coverage of trauma, there are lots of other situations that can make kids feel anxious – like the first day of school. Kids respond differently and the impact of any stressor depends on their personality, maturity, and coping mechanisms. Some have trouble explaining how they feel so it’s not always … Continue reading

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A recent American Psychological Association survey found that eight out of ten Americans say the economy is a major souce of stress in their lives. Nearly half are worried about providing for their families’ basic needs. As the economic turmoil continues, there can be a ripple effect. And you or family members may experience symptoms such as irritability, insomnia, lack of motivation and feelings of sadness. What follows are some healthy strategies to help you work your way through these tough times. Take pause but don’t overreact or become passive. … Continue reading

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