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How Kids Respond to Violence

I am just back from a three generation family vacation, five grandsons ages 6-11, and I had a front row seat watching the boys sing rap songs, climb mountains, tease each other. No little guys anymore. With the older ones almost as tall as I am, and knowing the vulnerability that comes with adolescence, I have concerns. How do we keep growing kids emotionally safe as they become interested in the world around them, especially when the news reports regularly cover mass murders, war casualties, and terror alerts? Studies show … Continue reading

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Staycation to Honor Aging Parents

Today we have some staycation pictures and a story from an ex-Sandwiched Boomer:“I had taken care of my aging parents, moving them into our home for the last several years of their lives. But I must admit that most of my energies were focused on raising the children so our vacations revolved around them. For years, I had heard from my parents about how they had eloped during the years of the Great Depression and been secretly married for four years. It all sounded so romantic and I tried to … Continue reading

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Family Vacation in Sequoia Park

These pictures trigger all sorts of memories for this family that likes to vacation in open spaces where their grandsons can run free: “This summer we went with our children and grandchildren to Sequoia Park, in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains of California. With huge mountains, deep canyons, rock-filled streams and the world’s largest trees, it was the perfect place to spend family time together. The little guys kept hugging Sequoias and no matter how many of us held hands, we could never totally surround the gigantic trunks. The daily … Continue reading

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Staycation Photos

This week and next, we will be highlighting photographs that have been taken on family staycations. In our monthly newsletter, Stepping Stones, we had asked readers to submit staycation photos with a note about them and why the pictures were significant. Here are two photos with descriptions about their meaning: “We went to a local farmers’ market to get some fresh produce. I always enjoy seeing the beautiful fruits and vegetables displayed. This time they were especially nice and I had my camera with me so I snapped away. I … Continue reading

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