Family Vacation in Sequoia Park

These pictures trigger all sorts of memories for this family that likes to vacation in open spaces where their grandsons can run free: “This summer we went with our children and grandchildren to Sequoia Park, in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains of California. With huge mountains, deep canyons, rock-filled streams and the world’s largest trees, it was the perfect place to spend family time together.

The little guys kept hugging Sequoias and no matter how many of us held hands, we could never totally surround the gigantic trunks. The daily ritual was to see who could scale the most boulders. All five of them played hide and seek in the crevices and a pick up game of baseball with sticks and stones when they reached the top.

Even the three and four year olds climbed the more than 450 steps (there was some conflict and heated discussion about the exact number) to the top of Morro Rock.

They explored the streams in detail, including the twigs floating by. And I guess no one was too surprised when the first one fell off the stepping stones. And that became an invitation for the rest of them to get wet. I must say, my kids are a lot calmer than I was about that kind of activity. I tried hard to keep my mouth shut and just enjoy the experience.”

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