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Last night, Barack Obama delivered his acceptance speech after becoming the first African-American major-party presidential nominee in the history of the United States. During his 50-minute address, the culmination of the Democratic Party’s four-day national convention in Denver, Obama promised to repair “the broken politics of Washington.” He challenged John McCain on issues at home and abroad. More combative and sharply focused, Obama addressed doubts about his readiness to lead and answered critics who say his rhetoric is vacant. Talking specifically about the changes that this country needs, he spoke … Continue reading

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The Democratic convention seems to be heating up, as promised. Last night, Bill Clinton erased his harshest critique of Barack Obama – that he wasn’t ready for the job – by comparing Obama’s age and experience to himself as a candidate 16 years ago. Clinton’s shower of praise for Obama was carried forward by Senator Joe Biden, who proceeded to further establish the candidate’s credentials. Talking about the American dream slipping away, he touched on several Sandwich Generation issues – should mom move in now that dad is gone? what … Continue reading

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The first night of the Democratic Convention was a parade of the past and the future. Senator Edward Kennedy, ailing in the twilight of his 46 year career, displayed bravery and determination as he expressed his support for Barack Obama. The story Michelle Obama told was the story of the American dream. While in the context of letting us know more about her personal family experience, we saw the uniqueness and greatness of opportunity in this country – how the descendents of slaves can reach the pinnacle of success. She … Continue reading

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Denver, with its clutch of skyscrapers spiking out of the Colorado plains, has put on its best clothes for the convention. It’s a hub of Democratic activity, with the fired-up delegates hoping to seal any cracks in party unity. Everyone is waiting for today and the show to kick off in earnest. Barack Obama’s personal story, the roller-coaster ride of the primary season and the nomination of Joe Biden as Vice-President have captured the attention of the country. Biden has been described as an outstanding public servant with deep experience … Continue reading

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