The Democratic convention seems to be heating up, as promised. Last night, Bill Clinton erased his harshest critique of Barack Obama – that he wasn’t ready for the job – by comparing Obama’s age and experience to himself as a candidate 16 years ago.

Clinton’s shower of praise for Obama was carried forward by Senator Joe Biden, who proceeded to further establish the candidate’s credentials. Talking about the American dream slipping away, he touched on several Sandwich Generation issues – should mom move in now that dad is gone? what are the consequences of cutting health care benefits at work? with no raise this year, how are we going to afford to send the kids to college?

In referencing John McCain, Biden said that what this country needs is a wise leader not a good soldier – and that McCain’s ideas represent more of the same, not change. He stated that we cannot afford another four years of this abysmal failure. Biden ended his speech with a message of hope: in honor of our parents and for the future of our children and grandchildren, let’s get back up together.

Obama made a surprise appearance at his own party. And the crowd went wild when he said how proud he is to have the Biden family – joining them on stage were Joe’s mom, wife, children, grandchildren and other family members – with him to take America back. Surrounded by all those loved ones, I’d call that a Sandwiched Boomer moment.

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