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The Sandwich Generation, Stress and the Holidays

As busy members of the sandwich generation, is the widespread commercialism of the holidays getting you down? How would you like to spend less time racking up credit card debt and more time putting heart into your relationships? A recent study shows that strong relationships not only provide companionship but boost longevity. There’s a lot riding on family togetherness during the holidays and this can cause stress for everyone. Here you’ll find a variety of articles on stress,from the effects of too much pressure to how to measure your stress … Continue reading

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Educate Yourself

With the G20 meetings scheduled this week to focus on the global economic crisis, Sandwiched Boomer families continue to be hit by the recession and job losses. If these changes are hitting close to home, here are two tips to help you get started on building flexibility into your family: Educate yourself about family finances. Get involved with the family budget as you seek out ways to reduce your expenses. Keep track of minor expenditures that can add up, like dinners out, entertainment and credit card interest rate costs. Think … Continue reading

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Layoffs and Sandwiched Boomers

Consumer spending fell for a record sixth straight month in December as recession battered households worried about surging layoffs. As sandwiched boomers, you and your family may be personally effected by job loss. In years of plenty, our society operated largely on the pleasure principal, embracing the notion of ‘I want what I want when I want it.’ Accustomed to instant gratification and a sense of entitlement, we were emotionally conditioned to have it all. The average American carried nine credit cards with a total $17,000 balance. We have been … Continue reading

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Sandwiched Boomers, what are you dreaming about this holiday season – universal goals like sustaining our planet’s resources and gaining energy independence? Or, with the stock market meltdown, are you wishing for some relief from the financial pain? Even in the best of times, the stress that comes with the holidays this time of year can be exhausting. So why not give a gift to yourself? Take some down time over the weekend. For a couple of hours each day, try not to focus on the problems. Curl up with … Continue reading

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