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Part 4 – Thelma’s Legacy

“What do you do, Mrs. Ryan?” Mrs. Huntley asked. These people looked as if they spent most of their time inspecting the leather bindings on their books. What could she say, that if she had a big winner in the ninth she was going to buy a microwave? “I manage my investments.” Joanna looked over at her mother as she said this and smiled. Dinner proceeded with bursts of conversation, then silence. Thelma lost track of exactly how many glasses of wine she had drunk, but still felt that she … Continue reading

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PART 3 – Thelma’s Drinking

“Clive, what the hell you mean, it’s got to be Clyde, I’m tellin’ you definitely. It’s Clyde,” Rafe pronounced, “Rafe, I do think you might admit that my own daughter knows the name of her fiancé better than you do.” “Hell she do, you don’t know, he could be shittin’ her. It’s Clyde.” Rafe, Ginny and Thelma were bound together by dreams, by the concentrations and obsessions of the gambler. Rarely did their conversation include anything external to those dreams. “It is Clive Huntley, I’m telling you.” “It sounds like … Continue reading

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"’Diving Duck Blues’" – Part 1 – Thelma’s Daughter

A. R. Taylor is an award-winning playwright, essayist, and writer of fiction. We’re serializing one of Anne’s stories, originally published in the Berkeley Insider, all this week. “‘The Diving Duck Blues’” involves the agony a mother feels at the great distance between herself and her daughter. Knowing full well that she has failed her child, Thelma still tries to understand her world, and to some extent, fit in. Ultimately, she can’t, but she can still love her. “‘Diving Duck Blues’” “If the river were whiskey, babe,and I was a diving … Continue reading

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Educate Yourself

With the G20 meetings scheduled this week to focus on the global economic crisis, Sandwiched Boomer families continue to be hit by the recession and job losses. If these changes are hitting close to home, here are two tips to help you get started on building flexibility into your family: Educate yourself about family finances. Get involved with the family budget as you seek out ways to reduce your expenses. Keep track of minor expenditures that can add up, like dinners out, entertainment and credit card interest rate costs. Think … Continue reading

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