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Conflict Resolution for Boomer Couples

Don’t you already know there is no perfect relationship? All couples get angry and argue, so you’re not alone. But remember, when resolving conflict, keep your words sweet – you may have to eat them. Your arguments may not have as much fallout if you and your partner accumulate positive reserve in your emotional bank account – that is, the more positive interactions and feelings, the less damage. Agree to stop arguing and postpone a difficult conversation until you’re both feeling less upset. Decide, together, to step away and put … Continue reading

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Boomer Couples and Effective Communication

Did you know that June is effective communication month? And since our Virtual Book Tour this Thursday features Dr. Jed Diamond and his newly published book, Mr. Mean, the blog posts this week will be about how we talk and listen to each other. Ready for your ‘to do’ list? When addressing a sensitive subject, talk about a specific outcome you would like to achieve. Be honest and direct about what you have to say. As your body language, content and tone of voice really matter, calibrate your emotions and … Continue reading

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