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Virtual Book Tour: Dr. Jeffrey Rubin and "The Art of Flourishing"

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Jeffrey Rubin to our Virtual Book Tour today. What follows is a crosspost of his interview with HeadButler.com’s Jesse Kornbuth – Take it away, Jesse: Talk about conflicted! Jeffrey Rubin has been a friend for a decade. Long before he started writing his new book — The Art of Flourishing: A New East-West Approach to Staying Sane and Finding Love in an Insane World — I heard him talk through some of the ideas. I read his book in manuscript and, because I was … Continue reading

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Virtual Book Tour with Dr. Erica Goodstone

We want to welcome Dr. Erica Goodstone to our Virtual Book Tour today – we know you’ll enjoy our discussion about her book, Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me: The Path to Physical, Emotional, Sexual and Spiritual Reawakening. So let’s not waste any time getting started: Nourishing Relationships: Why does Part I and your first book, Love Me…Please, focus so heavily on the power of love? Aren’t there really some good people, some good love partners, and some that are destructive and hurtful? Shouldn’t we just get rid of the … Continue reading

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