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Creating a Holiday Spirit Yourself

If you’re newly alone this year, the holidays may remind you of the joys and sorrows of past gatherings. But try to stay focused in the present. Let go of your expectations and instead create celebrations that are meaningful to you now. You’ll find your experience of these special days can create new memories to savor throughout the year. Image: Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net Now that you’ve used Monday’s tips to get started, here are some more for coping with the holidays on your own: Consider your finances. You’ll need … Continue reading

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Optimize Your Opportunities after January Blues

Not only are we into a new month and a new year, but also into a new decade. What will the ’10’s bring for you? Now is the time to set the tone for this time in your life. Turn crises into challenges and challenges into opportunities. Don’t become overwhelmed. Instead, use this time to research things you want to do and changes you want to make. Remember that although you can’t control what happens to you, you can control how you handle it. Think about the consequences of your … Continue reading

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Video Tips for Regaining Control in Financial Chaos

With the stimulus package having little effect and the continued loss of jobs, the recession appears to be continuing unabated. Still, you, and other Sandwiched Boomers, can regain some control over your situation by educating yourself, evaluating your finances and making the hard decisions that lead to changes in your lifestyle. Watch our video for more coping tips. To read some tips about how to maintain and even strengthen your family relationships during this time of financial belt-tightening, click on the title above. It will link you to wwwHerMentorCenter.com and … Continue reading

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Adapting to the ‘Great Recession’

What we are living through today may be a once-in-a-lifetime economic downturn. And chances are this “Great Recession” has created turmoil in your marriage. In a recession of this magnitude, tough decisions often need to be made. But smart couples who adapt well keep one eye on the future and respond quickly to the short-term realities. Here are tips that work equally well in good times and bad. Share the chore of money management, regardless of who has been in charge of the finances in the past. This job may … Continue reading

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