Optimize Your Opportunities after January Blues

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Not only are we into a new month and a new year, but also into a new decade. What will the ’10’s bring for you? Now is the time to set the tone for this time in your life.

Turn crises into challenges and challenges into opportunities. Don’t become overwhelmed. Instead, use this time to research things you want to do and changes you want to make. Remember that although you can’t control what happens to you, you can control how you handle it. Think about the consequences of your decisions before you make a change. If you are unhappy with your current job, consider what you can do to make it more interesting and engaging.

Express gratitude for what you have. It may sound simple, but as you’ve heard many times, “Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have.” What are the things and people in your life that you are grateful for? You’ll find that when you increase your awareness of these positives, you’ll be less likely to experience feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.

Look outside yourself to those in need. Studies have found that when you perform acts of kindness and giving to those who have less, you feel happier yourself. Around the holidays numerous organizations sent out requests for financial donations but all year long they need volunteers to help staff their programs. Consider what best fits your interests, abilities and schedule – then make your contribution with your feet.

To cope with financial issues, make plans that won’t further impact your budget or credit card debt. In the current recession, many families are enjoying activities such as potlucks with friends, visits to local museums, taking daylight walks, borrowing a good book from the library. Make it a game to be creative in your quest for low-cost entertainment.

For some pointers on how to encourage and express gratitude, click on the post title above. It links you to our article, Five Steps to Gratitude Despite a Tough Economy, found, among others helpful to Sandwiched Boomers, on our website, www.HerMentorCenter.com.

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