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3 Holiday Survival Tips

Norman Rockwell didn’t have the picture quite right. Does any family actually look like this, especially in December? The holiday season is packed full of high expectations. And Andy Williams’ Christmas hit, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” makes it impossible to not be disappointed. The holidays can be stressful and chaotic – making your home look festive, not sure about what gifts to buy, the hassle of traveling to visit family, all the cooking and baking. Here are some common sense tips – why don’t you see … Continue reading

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Becoming Thankful and Grateful

When you’re a member of the Sandwich Generation, it’s not easy to take care of your family in flux – growing children and aging parents. With all the stresses you face daily, preparing for Thanksgiving may seem like another added burden. But this year, why not make a plan to bring some new traditions to your holiday tablewhich will lower your levels of stress and raise the levels of meaning for the whole family? In your busy life, sometimes it’s hard to focus on what you are thankful for but … Continue reading

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Haitian Earthquake: Recovery after Loss of Loved One

Like the people of Haiti, trust that you will recover after the loss of your loved one. You can increase your capacity to be resilient. It’s not easy to maintain a sense of optimism under these circumstances, but you can thrive in the face of adversity. Call on your faith or spirituality. Develop strategies to manage stress and release tension through relaxation exercises. You may find that you have deeper reserves of courage than you realize. Thankfully, the world continues to respond to the havoc the Haitian earthquake has created … Continue reading

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Being Resilient after January Blues

Just as Janus, the Roman god of doorways, had two faces, one looking back and one forward, you too have the ability to make choices for your future, using the wisdom you have gained in your past. Draw on your strengths. What worked for you before when you were feeling miserable? What core values served as your guide as you coped with frustrations and disappointments? Use these again as you face challenges in January and watch your resiliency come to the forefront. Don’t hesitate to call upon the resources that … Continue reading

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