Moroccan Souks as a Way of Life

The souks and markets are a way of life in Morocco and you usually won’t have to go too far to find one. They are arguably the most exciting, colorful and enticing aspects of the culture. And one of the main aesthetic attractions is food, as indicated by this kiosk of olives.

Open air food stalls offer big bowls of snail soup and dried fruit sellers line the countless alleyways. At every turn fruit and vegetable merchants are haggling over the price of their produce. Herbal medicines that will cure anything from baldness to impotence are sold alongside century old carpets and rugs.

Leather and curio stalls vie for shoppers’ attention. And craftsmen dye wool in huge boiling cauldrons while their neighbors measure out spices, stacked in the shape of pyramids, on old lead scales. It’s truly a sight to see. (click on photos for larger image)

Earlier this week we were interviewed by generational coach, Barbara Friesner, and you can listen to our discussion on Just log on to, click on ‘Barbara’s radio show’ and then click on ‘healing the rifts of family relationships.’ Email us if you have questions or concerns about our talk, care-giving or the sandwich generation.

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