Shift Your Focus to Minimize Anxiety

In this day and age, we’ve all got a lot of balls in the air, trying to balance family with work and still carve out a little time for ourselves. So how do you follow your heart and not spend your life fulfilling someone else’s dreams? Until you discover that, anxiety may very well be a constant companion.

Stay in the moment. Anxiety can make you feel bad about yourself. Don’t beat yourself up about the mistakes you’ve made. Keep in mind that you are human and no one is perfect. Being worried about the past or fearful about the future can keep you stuck. Rather than feeling discouraged and giving up, try something different. You deserve a second chance.

Rely on your own instincts.  Although it’s great to get support from others when you’re frustrated, recognize your hidden internal strength. Trust yourself as you look inside for answers. Emotional discomfort can be a welcome opportunity. It serves as an invitation to grow and leads to greater self understanding

Spend time relaxing and rejuvenating. Take better care of your body through exercise, healthy nutrition and proper rest as you develop stress relievers. Practice techniques of deep breathing, relaxation or your own form of meditation. Attend to your mind and your spirit. And set aside quiet time to do what it is that brings you pleasure.

Do you want to make life simpler and get back to basics? Look at your lifestyle and the choices you’re making. Step back and determine the real stressors. Then consider your options and decide what to change. Take it slow as change is hard. And add up all your small victories. When you make mistakes, learn from them, laugh about them, move on and leave anxiety behind.

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