As the presidential campaign heats up the cold New Hampshire winter, our focus is very specific: how the value of support simply cannot be overestimated. As Sandwiched Boomers in the midst of dealing with aging parents and growing children, do you need help in finding support for yourself? Over the next week, through the eyes of political candidates, we’re going to teach you how to go about getting it.

Oprahbama, the big O’s, Oprah and the Obamas – sounds like a rock band on a road trip. When Oprah hit the campaign trail, her candidate played the celebrity card and their fan base responded. Change is a major pillar of Obama’s speeches and his message is spreading like wildfire. And who better than you can grasp the effects of change?

1. Knowledge is power, so try to fully understand the difficult transitions your family in flux is going through. Begin by talking with them.
2. Gather material from the Internet’s search engines about how to manage change. Find the niche websites and blogs that address the family issues you are managing.
3. Scour the self-help section of bookstores for titles and table of contents that address the problems you are facing. Then buy the book and apply what works for your particular situation.
4. Engage in conversation with friends and family who have gone through similar experiences, in order to get realistic feedback. Implement their concrete advice about how to proceed, step by step.

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