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When the documentary Bully opened this month in theaters all over the U. S., it revived the national dialogue about childhood bullying. The film follows three students and their families over the course of one school year and two families whose children took their own lives in desperation. The filmmakers have created TheBullyProject website which provides resources and motivates us all – parents, children, families, educators – to act towards eliminating bullying. Bullying is pervasive in our society today – research indicates that one in three children have been involved … Continue reading

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The Sandwich Generation and Finding Perspective

We heard from a reader yesterday, “I’ve been together with my husband for 30 years, am the mother of a teen-age daughter, and we are dealing with elderly parents…so there is much I can relate to! Fortunately, so far, going through various hardships (death of a parent, serious illness) has made us feel closer as we deal with these trials together. Though not to say that there aren’t times that we feel stressed and overwhelmed!” Finding perspective is a valuable strategy when you are dealing with family transitions. It helps … Continue reading

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Just like the family car, no relationship runs smoothly all the time. More important than keeping a lid on emotions is learning how to deal with disagreements once they do surface. Here are some more tips for you Sandwiched Boomers as you tune up your marital relationship. Deal with anger. Once you have expressed negative feelings, find a way to let go of the hostility. Resist holding on to resentment and avoid the emotional baggage of planning retribution. Learn to forgive your partner and to apologize for your own mistakes. … Continue reading

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The media spotlight today is on Eliot Spitzer, the Govenor of New York, and his link to the Emperor’s Club VIP prostitution ring. Whether his damaging behavior is related to a sense of entitlement, the dark side of his virtuous attitude, high testosterone or feeling he’s above the law, seeing the pained look on Silda Spitzer’s face and knowing that he has 3 teenage daughters makes you wonder. His is a classic and most dramatic example of the disruption of equilibrium that can occur in long-term relationships. Reading the examples … Continue reading

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