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Revisiting the Courage of Captain Sully Sullenberger

As members of the sandwich generation, you may have your hands full with the challenges of parents growing older and kids growing up. But that’s no reason to neglect what you need. Perhaps there’s a goal you’ve wanted to reach for a long time – start a small business, rekindle an old friendship, run a 5K? When you think about working toward a goal and the inevitable changes that go along with that, you may wonder: How do I access my strengths? What can help me grow? Who will I … Continue reading

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Sandwich Generation: A Chance to Grow

As a member of the Sandwich Generation, perhaps you are constantly challenged to be the best that you can be. As you assess your resources and strengths, realize that faith in yourself may be your finest quality. Listen to others but primarily rely on your own instincts. Joannie Rochette believed in what she was doing and concentrated on th Olympics competition. She felt she was where she belonged – it’s what her mother would have wanted for her. What is familiar can be calming – have faith in what you’re … Continue reading

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Listing Your Goals

After you identify your strengths and the direction you want to take, begin to develop a concrete plan of action you can follow. Establish short-term objectives that will move you, step by step, toward the long-term goals you have set for yourself. Discover and create your personal vision for 2010 using your newly completed asset inventory. Think it is too late to start making lists and dramatic changes? Mary Anne Evans was a novelist in 19th century England but believed she need to take a male pen name to have … Continue reading

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Like Susan Boyle, Finish the Song

Susan Boyle had several strikes against her – learning disabilities, anxiety from being bullied by classmates, the kind of scars that do not heal, according to her. But that didn’t stop her. She went on to finish the song. Can you relate to that? We’ve all had shaping experiences early in life and memories of being misrepresented or misunderstood. As Sandwiched Boomers, you’re likely keeping lots of balls in the air and feeling the stress of that. Here are a couple of tips to help you keep going: Don’t be … Continue reading

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