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Sandwich Generation Siblings: Caring for Aging Parents

Today we’re focusing on issues that may arise among siblings once parents begin to decline. If your interactions feel like when you were kids fighting for who gets the biggest piece of cake, here are some tips that may help your family right now: Recognize why you’re upset. There’s likely a lot going on as you try to keep all the balls in the air. Worrying about your parents’ well-being and the decisions you will have to make on their behalf is stressful. At the same time you may be … Continue reading

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Brotherly Love and Sisterly Love

Philadelphia has been known as the city of brotherly love since William Penn first named it over 300 years ago and today one of the LOVE sculptures by Robert Indiana has a prominent place on the University of Pennsylvania campus. With two sons, four grandsons and a brother of my own, I know a little about how brothers show their love. They’re physical with each other – playing or sparring – and they compete in just about any way they can. Although they’re fiercely protective of one another from any … Continue reading

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Caring for Aging Parents: Virtual Book Tour Finale

Below you’ll find a final couple of comments that readers posted over the weekend on the complicated subject of caring for aging parents. A common dilemma that can come up for sibling who are working together to help their elderly parents: My brother and I can’t agree on the best course of action to take with my dad who is 88. Dad has been having so many problems, the doctors say they can do a dramatic procedure which will hurt his quality of life but give him more years. I … Continue reading

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