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NBCAM – National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For the past 25 years, October has been designated as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This month, blogs will be “going pink,” stores will be selling everything from mixmasters to ipods in pink, you’ll see this pink ribbon everywhere. What does this really mean to you? If you are over 40, it means that you should be having regular screening mammograms. While mammography is the best available screening tool to date, no test is always 100% accurate. So it’s wise to also perform your own monthly breast self-exams and see … Continue reading

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The market meltdown and mini-boomerang have left investors feeling insecure, not knowing what to expect next. Without a financial safety net, Sandwiched Boomers fear they face a turbulent future when crises arise. Will a divorce threaten your economic stability as well as your marital state? Can a serious illness cause more than physical pain as it limits your ability to work? These are the questions on our readers’ minds. Teri is concerned about the triple whammy to her security: illness, divorce, and financial vulnerability. She is feeling anxious yet is … Continue reading

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As a Sandwiched Boomer, when you are counting on the support of your partner to cope with a serious illness, the barriers to straight talk that emerge may surprise you. Understanding what motivates your husband may make it easier for you to initiate more frankness into your conversations. Yesterday we outlined several possible grounds for difficulty; today we discuss two more. Not surprisingly, your spouse is unable to fully comprehend what your illness is causing you to give up – feelings of control and invulnerability, your self-identity as a well … Continue reading

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