The market meltdown and mini-boomerang have left investors feeling insecure, not knowing what to expect next. Without a financial safety net, Sandwiched Boomers fear they face a turbulent future when crises arise. Will a divorce threaten your economic stability as well as your marital state? Can a serious illness cause more than physical pain as it limits your ability to work? These are the questions on our readers’ minds.

Teri is concerned about the triple whammy to her security: illness, divorce, and financial vulnerability. She is feeling anxious yet is still able to draw upon her strengths as she tries to cope with her situation.

“I have chronic Lyme disease and have not been able to work for 10 years. My husband wants a divorce, and without the medical insurance from his job, I am “screwed.” I can’t afford rent or house payments let alone cobra coverage. What happens with alimony and health care in a divorce where the one being left behind is chronically ill? I am a fighter – I never give up. I try to focus on the moment, what I can do – not what I can’t do – and I keep looking for a way to overcome hardships. I work to come up with creative solutions. I try to stay as healthy and busy as possible and get at least 8 hours of sleep.

Penny is already divorced and living with the financial collapse that caused for her. As she continues to put one foot in front of the other, she worries about what the future may bring.

“I’ve been divorced for about 5 years now, but I still don’t feel “settled.” I went from being a stay at home mom to having no income, no home, no medical insurance…nothing! I am a live-in nurse right now, which provides room and board, but at age 50, I know the time will come when I won’t physically be able to do the work I do – or the condition of the woman I care for will become so bad that I won’t be able to do all that she needs. I have no retirement or financial safety net. I save all I can, and on the weekends that my 2 teens aren’t at my house, I clean other houses and put that pay into my savings. I really try not to get too crazy about my life or my future, I pray about it and just keep moving forward.” 

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