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Kim Kardashian Could Use a Friend about Now

We all know from reality TV that fame can be fleeting – but what about Kim Kardashian and her 72 day marriage? Whether the Kardashians and the E! network deceived their fans or Kim is a victim of society’s moral lethargy, she likely could use a good friend right about now. Findings from the MacArthur Foundation indicate that, during hard times, women friends provide emotional security and support. According to a UCLA study by Drs. Shelley Taylor and Laura Klein, brain chemicals released when we’re stressed cause us to seek … Continue reading

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Jon and Kate on the Road to Divorce

The headlines read: “Jon and Kate ready to litigate?” It was followed by confirmation that the Gosselins, parents of eight and partners in the TV reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, plan to legally dissolve their marriage. The celebrity gossip machine and fans of pop culture have been speculating about this issue for months. The much publicized episode where they announced the break up of their 10 year marriage hit an all time rating high. Jon and Kate’s physical separation has forced TLC to put production of the popular … Continue reading

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How Rihanna can be a Positive Role Model for Teenagers

Are you a member of the sandwich generation with teenagers still living at home? If so, you may be helping them prepare emotionally to move out and be on their own. And in this day and age, with peer pressure and other distractions, that’s not such an easy job. Growing children today are caught in the crosshairs of modern media. Technology has become their babysitter – reality TV, nude photos on the Internet, bizarre videos on YouTube, seductive text messages. It’s time for these young people to be exposed instead … Continue reading

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