Jon and Kate on the Road to Divorce

The headlines read: “Jon and Kate ready to litigate?” It was followed by confirmation that the Gosselins, parents of eight and partners in the TV reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, plan to legally dissolve their marriage. The celebrity gossip machine and fans of pop culture have been speculating about this issue for months. The much publicized episode where they announced the break up of their 10 year marriage hit an all time rating high. Jon and Kate’s physical separation has forced TLC to put production of the popular program on hiatus.

Jon and Kate Gosselin throw birthday party for sextuplets in Pennsylvania

You may not be accustomed to an endless stream of headlines about your marriage. But your relationship, too, may have it’s share of stress and tension. If the pressures of these tough economic times are affecting you and your relationship, tune in all week as we focus on how to get off the road to divorce.

In the meantime, clicking on the title of this post will take you to and an article on 5 tips for fighting fair.

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